Met office inspected instruments are shown in the photographs below.

They include:-

 5 inch brass rain gauge which is placed in the ground with the rim 12 inches above ground level.

a glass measuring jar for use with a 5 inch rain gauge.

a Stevenson Screen which has double louvres on four sides to allow a free passage of air but keeping the sun rays from the thermometers.

four thermometers  for measuring:-

           dry air temperature.

             wet air temperature.

                Maximum air temperature.

                 Minimum air temperature.

(nb the difference between the dry and the wet thermometers allows the relative humidity and dew point to be calculated).

a grass thermometer for measuring temperature at grass level.

four soil thermometers to measure the temperature of the soil at 10cm, 20cm, 30cm and 100cm.

a sunshine recorder.

Precision Aneroid Barometer.


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